Trick of the Mind

Do you know that many people tend to opt for the scenic route when it comes to their own peace of mind and wellbeing. If you choose this way of life you will spend most of your precious time stuck in some stage of your being trying to deal with emotional and spiritual pain of one kind or another. Sadly, during these times, some people will lose their minds and others will even lose their lives.

However, this will only happen if you allow your mind to trick you into thinking it is in charge. Some people are so deceived by this “trick of the mind” that they allow their head to take full control and run completely wild. They live their lives out of a head full of troublesome thoughts and a heart full of emotional turmoil. This need not be you.

If you are willing to accept that “you” are in charge of your own feelings, attitudes, thoughts and emotions (FATE) then you will thrive using the approach to well-being introduced in this website. You will also find material and spiritual development steps and techniques in the book “How to Manage Troublesome Thoughts and Feelings: name it, share it, replace it.”

This approach will bring changes and challenges into your life, that’s for sure, but that’s what life is all about; changing and adapting as you grow and develop. Remember it is not the strongest or fittest people who survive and prosper but those who are willing to adapt to the changes and challenges of life. You have the power to manage your FATE but it will manage you if you let it. This is a simple fact of life.

Mattie Slattery

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